• Detangle hair in sections ***I apply conditioner to my wet tresses, part in sections, detangle, braid, and then wash out conditioner

  • Oils can be sealants or moisturizers...Sealant oils seal in the hydration(castor, shea butter, jojoba)...Moisturizing oils seep into the scalp to hydrate within to promote growth(coconut, sunflower, olive)...Avocado oil is a sealant and moisturizing oil...Our Hair&Scalp Elixir has moisturizing and sealant oils

  • Do not wash tresses daily

  • Get your trim...Get your trim...trim your tresses between 6-12 weeks...maintenance is key. I know when my ends are knotting up and my tendrils are just not "acting right" it is time for a trim!!!

  • With proper cultivation in keeping your tresses healthy...the tresses will grow

  • What you put into your body is crucial to seeing healthier changes to your tresses, body, and skin...try to maintain a fresh and robust diet!

Tresses Tips




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