Aloe Vera  “Unique smell that will bring you to a calm mood”- anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antibacterial…helps prevent or reduce dandruff…awesome moisturizer for hair and skin because it works as a humectant (aids in retaining moisture)…contains vitamins A, C, & E which are contributors to healthy cell growth that repairs damaged hair and soothes irritated skin…anti-aging which aids in balancing the bacteria in the gut which can reduce the risks of inflammation that affects the skin


Avocado Oil “All around good fruit”-light oil with Vitamin E&D/omega fatty acids(oleic and linoleic)that seeps into the hair strands and scalp and works to moisturize while reducing split ends/breakage encouraging healthier and shinier hair…natural heat protectant…decreases dandruff…keeps hair knot free

Beeswax “Thank you honeybees”-hydrating, softening, smoothing(goodbye flyaways), protective, regenerative, strengthening, conditioning, non-comedogenic(does not clog pores), collagen-booster

Castor oil “Multipurposed”- hydrating, softening, soothing, detoxifying…helps fight scalp issues such as bald patches/dandruff…reduces inflammation/redness on skin and lightens scars, promotes vitality

Coconut Oil "Tropical works”- helps with reducing hair thinning, tames frizz, adds luster to tresses

Guar Gum “Plant-based alternative to silicone” – thickens products…natural conditioner…forms a protective film which fights against static electricity and aids in combing out wet/dry tresses

Honey “Nectar of the Gods”- emollient which makes it a great conditioner, so it smoothens hair and enhances the strength of hair follicles…natural antioxidant so keeps the scalp healthy and stimulates hair growth…humectant which retains moisture

Mango Butter “Fruit royalty” packed with vitamins A, C, &E , antioxidants and fatty acids- helps balance sebum production on scalp…nourishes/hydrates hair…reduces dandruff, eczema and psoriasis..restores elasticity in hair/skin making it smoother… which reduces breakage seals moisture  adds volume/shine to hair

Olive Oil “Grandma’s secret”- contains vitamin E which treats inflammation, acne, and dryness and improves the strength of tresses which overall helps hair grow and reduces breakage …improves skin elasticity and its regenerative elements/beneficial for anti-ageing…moisturizes hair/reduces dandruff

Peppermint Essential Oil  “Aromatic freshness”-stimulates hair follicles,boosts growth and relieves itchiness

Ricebran Oil “Silent helper”- natural antioxidant rich in vitamin e and  omega 3 and 6 fatty acids…helps with hypersensitivity protects hair from uv exposure and natural heat protectant

Rosemary Essential Oil “Healing herb”-strengthens hair circulation… helps slow down hair loss and graying of hair

Shea Butter “Mother Earth’s Conditioner”- contains vitamins A, E, &F/antioxidants-superfood for skin that promotes clarity/addresses problematic issues such as dryness, blemishes, discolorations, dark spots….moisturizes, nourishes hair…protects against brittleness/repairs damages

 reduces the symptoms of scalp problems such as dandruff, eczema and cradle cap in infants...softens frizzy hair and make it more manageable

promotes healthy hair growth and fast re-growth


Slippery Elm Root ”Tree detangler”- glides through tresses making them slippery which inhibits the tresses from tangling and making them smooth and shiny… rich in Calcium which is essential in strengthening tresses

Soybean Oil “Healthy abundance”-full of antioxidants that rids the skin of dead cells which speeds up the healing of blemishes, scars, and other skin imperfections, also slows down ageing of skin….vitamin e which keeps the scalp health and reduces dandruff

Sunflower Oil “Gentle impact”-contains linolenic acid which is proven to aid with slowing hair loss…contains vitamin E which is beneficial for hair growth…so light that it adds sheen to tresses without being greasy…controls frizz…keeps skin moist and forms a protective barrier which prevents sun damage  




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