Q: What audience does your products target?

A: Our brand has something for everyone whether your tresses are curly or straight. The ingredients in our products target tresses that are damaged, dry, lack luster and slow growing.  Our products are sulfate free and full of extracts and essential oils.

Q: What is the shelf life of your products?

A: 9-12 months. Shelf life can be decreased or increased depending on the storage conditions. If you wash your hair in the shower, be cautious not to mix water in your shampoo or conditioner. Additional water can alter the shelf life.  Our Dessert for Coils should be stored in a dry and cool area.

Q: What is the distinction between natural and vegan?

A: Vegan means that a product contains NO animal and/or animal-by properties.  For example, honey and beeswax are animal by-products and are not vegan. 

Q: Why might a product differ in color between purchases?

A: Products achieve their color from the natural herbs and oils used which can vary from bunch to bunch.

Q: Are your products suitable for children?

A: Yes. Our daughter has long/silky tresses and she loves using the Mist Me with that Honey. We aim to provide products for the whole family suitable for all your needs and wants!

***Update: Due to global-wide shortage of plastic bottling supplies, upcoming batches of our concoctions will be temporarily filled with either white, amber, and/or any color bottles and jars. We are using what is available. Sorry for any inconvenience. The shortage of bottling is delaying business as a whole. The support is truly appreciate.***





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