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I remember when I transitioned to a natural head (no more chemicals) and no long hair due to the big chop…it was a shedding like I never imagined. Many people questioned why I would get rid of my beautiful long hair. I knew I wanted to have more control in how I saw myself but most importantly wanted to learn how to love my natural essence.  As I continued my natural journey with endless shopping sprees trying all sorts of products, I eventually started looking into the ingredients that these products advertised. Once I started my research, I became pickier in choosing what was applied on my tresses and on my body as well.  It was eye-opening embracing my natural and being more informed in beneficial ingredients. Family took notice of the “new me” and loved my glow. My sisters loved (still love) coming to visit because my bathroom turned into their own little boutique.  They knew I had already put in the work, and they did not have to guess if the product was good or not!

My way of exemplifying my essence spilled over to others to do the same. That is how JusBE became an idea. I wanted to bring forth the method of others embracing their essence and not hiding it. The mindset is to choose products for hair and body like you shop for groceries. I have always felt that the vibrant and raw produce in its natural state was the eye-catching section in a market. We all know that highly, inexpensive, processed, and sugary foods may taste good for a short minute but in the long run are just not good for us, so one must think that way about hair and body products that are filled with chemicals. Wholesome and natural ingredients are necessary for hair and body to shine in its glory.  My mission for JusBE is showcasing all those wonderful elements that I have come to adore and have done amazing things for me; honey, olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, and the list goes on; the labels on products should be simple reading not guesswork. 

JusBE is a natural beauty lifestyle brand that is rooted in loving the organic You!!

Jus- defines as a law, right, or power

Be- defines as merely to exist or to live

As exactly as it sounds JusBe; we all have the power to BE.

I defined my B.E.- boldly exhilarating… now define yours!




Creator of JusB.E.




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